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So his answer confirms the hunch you get just from book name "fossil future". He is milquetoast on energy policy. Not future looking at all.

He says "in next 40-50 years" and "fossil fuels "together. This is not future I am interested in

I personally for full nuclear energy+ hydrogen (as more efficient carrier than batteries). In next 10 -15 years. Thats the future.

And it will happen. Because its 2023. We already have alphazero, midjourney and chatgpt, dancing robots , blockchain , starlink and traveling wave reactors. We are living in the future its only that majority of humans are still thinking in the past.

But world will move because its not them who determine it, but 1-5% who live and think in the future. And we have better tools and now AI to help make dreams the reality .

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I see a lot of liberals saying they support nuclear now, but so few people will say they support fossil fuels. We have been brainwashed into thinking of them as icky. Alex Epstein is one the rare people who will unapologetically defend fossil fuels, pointing out how crucial they are to modern civilization. This is why it is especially important that he wrote "Fossil Future" and not "Nuclear Future".

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